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Travel fun-facts:
I believe sub-consciously Tina & Henry both enjoyed being stranded at Airports quite very much because so far they had missed their flights twice, wandered around aimlessly for more than 6 hours in Changi Airport and delighted themselves with the paid shower facility on both occasions.. with little Caden tagging along on one of the adventure!.. hehe..

And to think of it, there was another time when they actually purposely scheduled their connecting flight so far apart that they had to overnight at the Changi Transit Hotel.. and.. and another time when they had to overnight at Regal Airport Hotel, Hong Kong.. making it 4 totally fun but totally aimless adventures altogether.. kekekeke!!

binoculars, binoculars.. Gulangyu Island treasure hunting adventure.. seafood hunting actually.. hehe

one of the best dinners of 2012.. after work, in Shanghai..

ah kong's birthday 2013, caden & great grandpa

Beautiful fireworks captured on New Year's Eve @ Straits Quay Penang - 31st Dec 2013

Superdad, after-work dinner with one month old Cavan
Dec 2013

pics of caden.. click to view..

october new arrival.. click to read the story..

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this is henry.. this is henry..


(major contributor to this website)
(major contributor to this website)
michael dell 
(for acquainting tina and henry)
eddie , may , richard & MB 
(for producing and cultivating superb humans;
              tina and henry)

these are the amazing humans we talked about..


 tina AND henry's home sweet home..
henry and tina's mansion..


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 computer (tina:internet gossiping / henry:internet gaming).. 
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no joke!.. it really is our very first photo taken together.. :)


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 - misc - 

- Ocean Park -
..had a great date and especially enjoyed the nice cool chilly weather..

- Disneyland -
..for the record, she was wearing the "minnie mouse ear"
throughout the disneyland visit.. omg!

- Redang -
..flying without wings.. surrounded by the beauty of nature.. priceless..

- Universal Studios -
..just when we're about to leave.. the little BIG baby happily waved bye bye to the Kungfu Panda character without being told.. knowing he had a great time was more than made our day :)

- S.E.A. Aquarium -
..papa loves the typhoon theatre.. mummy and the boys loves the dolphin show.. it was fun :)

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June 08

Eastern outlook:

Western outlook:

As humans all over celebrate freedom from government oppresion.. henry was subjected to domestic tyranny..

Apparently the snow flakes falling down on this page was a personal preference and decree from the Fuehrer, tina..


latest gaming machine D.I.Y. by henry..


tina la..

2010 Art Exhibition

check it out..
notti-T grins and winks!

by caden..
for my mummy!

Caden's 5-minute fling with an unknown girl at straights quay..

henry's MTB setup

and henry's MTB live in action..

Caden's movie night
June 2015

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