The really long.. long.. long drive to Singapore, August 2013

Below was our checklist for driving all the way from Penang Island to Singapore Island (>20 hours of driving journey to and fro..):

1. Passport for everyone - check!
2. Service car and wheel alignment-balancing - check!
3. Valid road-tax for the car - check!
4. Photocopy of car registration card and car insurance - check!

5. Pre-filled up Singapore Immigration Form (to prevent hay-wire hassle upon arrival at SG immigration checkpoint)- check!

6. Childseat for little big boy Caden - check!
7. Loaded Touch & Go card - check!
8. GPS with an updated Malaysia & Singapore map - check!

9. Fill up petrol at the last R&R before entering Singapore
10. Buy Autopass at Woodlands Checkpoint, after imigration checks (passport and car insurance details are required for the purchase)
11. With the help of GPS, drive to the Hotel (important to not exceed speed limit to avoid a fine)
12. Childseat for children and front & back safety-belts for adults are mandatory
13. Top-up Autopass with sufficient balance to cover your journey around Singapore before exiting Singapore
14. Car must exit Singapore within 14 days of entry
15. When exiting Woodlands Checkpoint, ensure to scan the Autopass registered to the specific car

The Singapore adventures..

The pit-stop at KL